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Calgary Excavation, Demolition, Water/Sewer Installations & More

Flintstone performs demolition, excavation, and water and sewer installation in both residential and commercial areas. We keep our prices low, but we do not drop our prices if it means compromising on what we believe in.

Residential Services provided are as follows:

Demolition of homes, concrete removal, foundations, footings, foundations, trees & shrubs and more

Excavation and backfilling services for new homes, duplexes, etc. as well as hauling out of any excess material

Quick trench, water and sewer installations – Indemnified with the City of Calgary we connect your water & sewer to City services

Concrete and rock breaking of driveways, walkways, foundations, patios and more

Hauling of refuse, gravel, soil and more from your property

Commercial Services are as follows:

Demolition and salvage of commercial buildings, structures etc. throughout Alberta & B.C.

Wide range of commercial excavations

We are also equipped with hydraulic hammers, crunchers, sheers, slab/wall saw cutting, and coring equipment

Hazardous Abatement

Flinstone is a Prime Contractor for Hazardous Abatement with the City of Calgary completing projects up to $1.6 million dollars.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for our services, simply get in touch.

Comprehensive Service

Let us remove and dispose of those hazardous building materials on your behalf

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